Med duft av vår

Med duft av vår
Liljenes sødme

mandag 25. mars 2013


I have never been defeated in such a matter that I haven` t bin able to arise again.  I might have been torn apart , left behind ,  hurt , stamped on and misunderstood , but everytime I have had the strength within me to move forward. I will never accept any hold ups cause there`s a road to fallow, and even in days of despair and hardship I will push myself until there s no lack in where I am going. This is my desire to move boldly in the direction who is already prepared of my master and savior . I might fail on that road, I might stumble and also fall , but at the same time I have a headlight that is not to be removed . I cast my eyes on the sparrow, and the velvet blue rain will do something unexpected just to show me that I am not here alone,
 I have someone with me where ever I go, so close that I am never out of His sight .

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